Burmester 111 MusicCenter

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The new Reference Line Musiccenter not only excels in its outstanding sound quality but also in its ability to process even very large volumes of data extre- mely quickly.

With its 111 MusicCenter Burmester clearly sets a new world standard for the era of digital music reproduction. This audiophile masterpiece offers music server, CD player and CD ripper as well as a DAC and an analog preamplifier in one groundbreaking unit. In an unique way it combines reference-quality music reproduction with a never before seen variety of functions. At the same time, operating it is intuitive and user-friendly, thus subtracting nothing from a relaxed musical enjoyment. Behind the absolute musical fidelity and outstanding sound of the new Reference Line MusicCenter stand cutting-edge technical capabilities. The digital engine of the 111 is able to handle massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye. It takes only fractions of a second for any selected track to start playing. As a multi-talent the MusicCenter can do much more than operating as a music server. Its full-function analog preamp section can serve as the central control unit of any music system. With three analog and six digital inputs it offers music lovers great connectivity for a multitude of external sound sources.


The design and visual appearance of this new highlight in the Burmester portfolio combines avant-garde touches with well-known and proven aspects of Burmester products, particularly their clean and uncluttered lines. Inside, the two-chamber construction metallically separates the preamp from the server section to rigorously insulate the analog section with its sensitive DAC from potential interference from the server section. Even though its imposing appearance marks a new trend for the visual design of Burmester products it still shows popular classical elements like chrome and high-quality brushed aluminum.


The eye-catching rotary knobs on the front panel have been developed especially for the 111 MusicCenter. They are mounted last at the end of a long and complex manufacturing process. Burmester’s highly trained technicians carefully measure, assemble and polish more than 60 pounds of aluminum, transformers, circuit boards and other electronic parts to form this remarkable work of audiophile art.

  • 3 analog inputs (3 x XLR)
  • 6 digital inputs (3 x RCA, 3 x TOSLINK)
  • Min. 2 x 1 TB hard drive capacity for music data storage/data storage with two mirroredhard drives) con gured in RAID 1
  • SSD drive for system storage
  • Supported audio formats: FLAC / wav / mp3 etc.
  • Can be integrated in a network via LAN or can be operated in stand alone mode
  • Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected from either 96 kHz/24 bit or 192 kHz/24bit, according to personal preference
  • High-resolution 7” display for good visibility
  • High-end ripping function
  • UPnP server
  • Exclusive music database containing over 3,000,000 titles for matching le data fromripped CDs
  • Support for continuously maintained list of Internet radio stations
  • Local playlist management + playlist streaming on all clients
  • Samba share for storing music to the Musiccenter, that has already been ripped
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Customer speci cation of housing possible
  • Full featured control app for the iPad®
  • Secure and easy update of system software via imaged les
  • Sudden jumps in volume of songs compiled in playlists are reduced by means ofsophisticated analog circuitry, hence no dynamic compression or any other changes aremade to the music
  • Excellent network performance even if several clients are connected at the same time



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