Audio Research DS450M Mono Amplifier


Introducing the Audio Research DS450M, a power, performance, and flexibility pinnacle within our Definition Series of amplifiers. Designed to redefine sonic landscapes, these monaural amplifiers deliver abundant power, superior dynamics, and precise control within a compact chassis, rounding out the DS amplifier lineup with finesse and prowess.

Choosing the DS450M offers an array of compelling reasons, primarily rooted in performance enhancements. Harnessing the nature of monaural amplification, this amplifier creates an expansive, immersive soundstage unparalleled by its stereo counterpart. Moreover, the DS450M accommodates a significantly larger power supply within its chassis, enabling unmatched power and control. Its compact size is a standout feature, making it notably more diminutive and versatile than its stereo equivalent, the DS450. At a reduced height and 4.15 inches shallower, this monaural powerhouse easily fits into tighter cabinet spaces, offering greater placement flexibility. Ideal for multi-channel home theater setups requiring an impactful and dynamic amplifier channel, the DS450M delivers a rated power of 450 watts into 8 ohms.

Sharing the same chassis size as the DSi200 and DS225, the DS450M seamlessly aligns with the design ethos of the Definition Series amplifiers. Employing our proprietary “hybrid Class D” analog switching-MOSFET output technology alongside an expansive linear analog power supply, this amplifier boasts remarkable speed and power delivery within a cool-running and compact form factor. At an idle state of only 55 watts, each DS450M delivers an impressive sonic punch while maintaining efficiency. Notably, a pair of DS450M monoblocks offers a 62% increase in energy storage compared to the DS450, enabling these amplifiers to jump-start even the most inefficient speakers during dynamic musical passages.

This fully balanced design features XLR balanced and RCA single-ended inputs, catering to diverse system configurations. The rear panel includes dual Cardas patented speaker binding posts and two 12V triggers for enhanced connectivity. Included with the DS450M is a 12-gauge detachable power cord featuring a 20A IEC connector. Available in the standard all-silver version or an alternative black front panel, black handles, and black top cover, the DS450M is as versatile aesthetically as it is sonically.

Crafted by hand in our Plymouth, Minnesota facility, the DS450M epitomizes precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship. Each connection is meticulously hand-soldered, ensuring superior quality and reliability. Comprising American-made metalwork, boards, transformers, and significant parts sourced locally, this amplifier epitomizes our commitment to quality. The DS450M’s prowess is unmistakable, delivering unrivaled resolving power, precise imaging, and an immediately engaging musicality. Whether in refined music systems or high-end video setups, the DS450M embodies performance and value that truly astonishes. Experience the DS450M and embrace a new level of auditory excellence—crafted with pride exclusively by Audio Research.


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