Celebrating McIntosh’s 75th Anniversary

Since its inception in 1949, McIntosh has established itself as a leader in the world of hi-fi. The classic blue meter has become symbolic of McIntosh’s audio excellence. To celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary, McIntosh has released commemorative editions of select products, engraved with a “75 years” inscription.

Offerings include:

  • MC2.1KW Amplifier
  • MC1.25 KW Amplifier
  • C12000 Preamplifier
  • MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier
  • MCD12000 SACD/CD Player

These limited-edition products showcase McIntosh’s dedication to quality and innovation over its 75-year history. LMC Home Entertainment is eagerly anticipating the delivery of these new McIntosh 75th Anniversary Celebration products, soon to be available in our store.

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